Types of Septic Systems

Types of Septic Systems
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Typically, your soil type and lot conditions will determine what kind of septic system you are required to install. Most of our installs are Aerobic Treatment Systems (ATS) with spray field dispersal or a drip field dispersal. Each has their advantages, and we’re here to advise you on your options, design your system, and ensure you have a fully functional, high-quality system that is right for you.

Of course, keep in mind that your system will need to be approved and inspected by local authorities, and designed by a certified, registered sanitarian. We will be happy to analyze your lot and recommend a system.

The Aerobic Spray Septic System

This miniature sewage treatment plant is the most common septic we install. After it treats the sewage through aerobic aeration, the water is sprayed above ground with sprinklers. While this type of system requires ongoing maintenance, it does work in virtually any soil type. It is also an eco-friendly way to have a green yard all summer long.

Aerobic Drip System

The Aerobic Drip System is also a miniature sewage treatment plant. However, it disposes of all the treated sewage underground instead of with sprinklers. This system is often used around lakes as well as on small properties.


Low-Pressure Dosing (LPD)

The Low-Pressure Dosing system pumps untreated sewage to a drain field under low pressure. Treatment happens naturally as the sewage filters through the soil. It can be used in many types of soils if not rocky and does not require ongoing maintenance or inspections. However, your lot must be relatively level and the initial installation is more costly than the aerobic systems.


Conventional drain field system

The conventional Drain Field system is not as common since it requires sandy soil. But if your property makes the grade, it does not require maintenance or electricity to operate. Disposal is taken care of entirely underground.


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