Septic Repair & Troubleshooting Near
Eustace, TX

Are you looking for a reliable septic repair company near you? We troubleshoot and repair septic systems of all types. Even if you own a sewage system that we did not install, call us to schedule a visit by one of our trained technicians who will troubleshoot and fix your septic system.

Have a septic emergency? Send an emergency message, and we will respond within 48 hours.  If your request if more urgent, please call us at 903-603-2200.

Septic Troubleshooting Tips

This is easily overlooked as breakers can get tripped by lightning storms or other events. If the alarm on your septic system goes off, call our office. Note: make sure the breaker is on in the house as well as at the septic control panel.

Use the mute button on the side of the control panel to silence the alarm, then contact Weaver.

When the alarm goes off, try to avoid flushing toilets and running water until the problem can be diagnosed or resolved.

Make sure the system has chlorine added. Check to see if the compressor is working; it should run continuously.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to add chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine to the septic system.

We work on all types of septic systems. Common issues include problems with septics pumps, septic aerators, septic alarms, and sewer backups.

We do not pump septic tanks. However, we can recommend a service-oriented septic system pumping company near you. Just contact us.

Troubleshooting In Progress