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Septic Emergency

Common Questions & Answers

The septic alarm alerts you that there is a malfunction or exception with your septic system.  Most high water alarm instances correct themselves overnight.  If your alarm is still on after 12 hours, please call our office to schedule a service call.

We recommend that you limit your water usage to a minimum until the alarm turns off and/or a technician can evaluate what is causing the alarm.

The Class 1 aerobic treatment process kills 97% of the bacteria in the sewage.  The final treatment happens in the soil through a process called "evapotranspiration".  The "effluent" can be sprayed on the grass and can be used as a water source for ornamental landscaping.  Effluent is not permitted to be using for watering of vegetable gardens or fruit trees.

The septic tanks and spray area must be kept free of any structures.  Trees must be at least 10 feet away from any spray head.  Driveways and structures are not permitted over the septic drip field.