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Choose the System that’s Right for You. (Not sure? We can help.)

Typically, your soil type and lot conditions will determine what the kind of septic system you are required to install. Most of our installs are Aerobic Treatment Systems (ATS) with spray field dispersal or a drip field dispersal. Each have their advantages, and we’re here to advise you on your options, design your system, and ensure you have a fully functional, high-quality system that is right for you.

Of course, keep in mind that your system will need to be approved and inspected by local authorities, and designed by a certified, registered sanitarian. At Weaver Excavating and Septic, we’re here to guide and assist you throughout this process.

Aerobic treatment Systems VS Low Pressure Dosing Systems
  • Waste water is treated by aerobic aeration
  • Treated water is dispersed via surface sprinklers or underground irrigation
  • Works in virtually all soil types
  • Inspections may be required
  • Pumps untreated effluent to drain field
  • Works with most soil types without rock. Relatively level lots are required.
  • Higher cost installs
  • No regular inspections required

Hire a trusted, Licensed contractor for a quality install

When your system has been designed and approved, you’re ready to have the physical installation completed. If you have not already chosen an installer, keep in mind that your installer must be licensed, experienced and reputable—and committed to backing up their work.

Weaver Excavating and Septic is a full-service septic contractor (operating under Texas license OS0025734), and has successfully completed hundreds of installs throughout northeastern Texas. Our team is both well-equipped and well-informed for most installations and issues, plus we provide in-company mandatory inspections for the first 2 years, per state requirements. Our goal is always complete customer satisfaction.

Additionally, we use high-quality components from proven suppliers, including Texas’ Clearstream Home Wastewater System. You can learn more by visiting their website at www.clearstreamsystems.com


Quick, courteous, professional and knowledgeable. Come renewal time this fall, they will be my service provider.
The people at Weaver excavating are very professional and extremely helpful. They did a great job and on time. I will definitely recommend them to others with no hesitation.
These are the folks to call if you want HONEST and reliable work done. I have been with them for three years and could not think of anything negative to say. They are very good people who do an amazing job!


Ensure breaker marked septic is turned on, or contact Weaver Excavating and Septic to schedule move-in consultation

Alarm Sounds or Red Light Is On
Use the mute button on the side of the control panel to silence the alarm, then contact Weaver

Bad Smell
Make sure the system has chlorine added. Check to see if the compressor is working; this compressor should run continuously.

Chlorine Tablets
This is the responsibility of the homeowner to add chlorine tablets or liquid chlorine to your system.

Sign up for a Monitoring contract or service plan

Many Texas municipalities require system monitoring by authorized personnel, particularly of aerobic treatment systems. With a monitoring contract or service plan, Weaver's completes 3 inspections each year in most counties (4 inspections per year are required with Tarrant Regional Water District, Cedar Creek Reservoir and Richland Chambers Reservoir) and files the necessary paperwork with your regulating authorities. All our plans are meant to be hassle-free, customer-oriented plans to ensure the legal requirements are met and your system is running optimally.